Marathon Read-Aloud of the *Odyssey*

A marathon read-aloud of the entire *Odyssey* will take place on Tuesday, April 9th in the ground-floor lobby of Eaton Humanities (CU Boulder Campus). This takes around 12 hours to read, so reading will begin at 9:00am and continue till we get to the end of the work. Please join us in completing this team endeavor by signing up for a 10-minute read-aloud slot! A sign-up sheet is posted outside the Classics Department office (HUMN 340), or you can e-mail Nick Romeo ( or Beth Dusinberre ( with your preferences and they will try to fit you in at the time you wish. Snacks will be provided at 3:00 and again at 6:00.

There will be copies of Fagles' translation for use, but if you prefer a different translation feel free to offer this (all readings in English please).

This event is co-sponsored by the Classics Department, the Classics Club, the Center for Western Civilization, and the Center for Humanities and the Arts.

Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate! No prior knowledge of Greek, the *Odyssey*, or pronunciation of names is necessary.