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Nicholas Rockwell of the University of Denver will give a guest lecture in Professor Hunt's class, "Athens and Greek Democracy,"  about democratic/city-state institutions outside of Greece: "Near Eastern Assemblies and Antecedents."  There are extra seats in the classroom, so members of the department are welcome to attend.
Friday, September 4 from 1:...
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Consider submitting a paper!

The call for submissions for the 2015 Mary E. V. McClanahan Graduate Essay Prize is now available.  Please see the attached announcement. Submissions should be sent to Prof. Andy Cain,

On September 19th, 2015, from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, the Classics Department at CU Boulder, supported by CU Boulder Outreach Committee, will host Colorado Classics Day. This event brings together primary, middle and secondary school students from across the state who share an interest in the ancient Greek and Roman world. The event is designed to broaden students' horizons on the world...

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Please join us in Eaton Humanities, Room 345 on Wednesday from 1:00-3:00.

Bring a friend and enjoy stimulating conversation and good company!

Prof. Sarah James has been awarded a Kayden Research Grant to support fieldwork at Corinth this summer! She'll be directing a wholly new excavation in the South Stoa -- this is an amazingly significant event, to open new trenches at Corinth.

Congrast, Sarah!!!

Prof. Sarah James's book has been accepted! It will appear as *Corinth VII.7: The Hellenistic Fine Wares* (Princeton, New Jersey). This is an incredibly important monograph, for in it Prof. James not only publishes entirely new material but also completely overturns the dating of the Hellenistic pottery from Corinth. The book has two enormous implications: one is that she demonstrates that our understanding of the habitation patterns and overarching social developments at Corinth up until now has been...

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Prof. Lauri Reitzammer's book has been accepted and will appear with Wisconsin University Press! The Athenian Adonia in Context: The Adonis Festival as Cultural Practice, looks at visual and literary representations of a ritual that has previously been largely neglected -- the Adonis festival, or Adonia. The book considers questions of gender, power, "peripheralism," and religion in the fifth and fourth centuries BCE: Lauri demonstrates that Adonis, the lover of the goddess...

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Professor Lauri Reitzammer has been awarded a grant from the Graduate Committee on the Arts and Humanities to conduct research this summer on her next major book project! This book explores her observation that women in classical Athens are described in terms that relate them to travelers, emigrants, and resident aliens, even if the women remain in their original hometowns. Exciting work!


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